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Intelligent Video Analytics

Intelligent Video Analytics is a trending topic in the video surveillance industry. Let’s look at what it has to offer for businesses.

Ostap Zabolotnyy
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Intelligent Video Analytics

How has your video surveillance system performed so far? It is not easy to manage several sites with different video systems. 

There is only one you. You can't go back and forth between facilities to check on each system unless you have a clone! 

Have you thought about using intelligent video analytics? 

Every day, the method we use to evaluate security video and CCTV feeds changes. Technology is available to make your life easier as the security manager of your firm. 

Instead of working harder, work smarter. It will also allow you to concentrate on what you do best, improving your firm's security and keeping everyone safe. 

The technology appears fantastic, but how does it function, and how can it assist your company? 

In this article, you'll learn about the fundamentals of video analytics, how it's used in the real world to automate processes and acquire valuable insights, and what you should consider when adopting intelligent video analytics solutions in your business. 

Intelligent Video Analytics 

The combination of surveillance video with artificial intelligence is called intelligent video analytics. Many businesses have developed by leaps and bounds since AI companies began to build deeper learning algorithms for their software. 

Using existing video surveillance networks, intelligent Video analytics is a technique for extracting searchable, actionable, and quantifiable intelligence from live or recorded video content.  

Video intelligence software uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to detect and remove objects in video, identify each object using trained Deep Neural Networks, and then classify each object for intelligent video analysis, such as search and filtering, alerting, and data aggregation and visualization. 

Security cameras are no exception. Deeper learning patterns emerging in AI frameworks enable security systems to do incredible feats. It gives them the ability to be intelligent. 

Thanks to intelligent video analytics, video systems can recognize and evaluate spatial and time events on your video feed. 

For example, suppose you catch a person on camera making suspicious movements. An intelligent video solution would be able to zoom in on that person and gather the evidence needed to prevent a crime from occurring. 

These AI video analytics are typically captured on camera in real-time. On the other hand, some businesses employ intelligent video systems to extract historical data from past recordings. It enables these businesses to draw conclusions and gain incredible insight into their business. 

Goals of Intelligent Video Analytics 

The primary goal of intelligent video analytics is to automate the processing and analysis of video footage. In comparison to human output, the amount of video content is only increasing year after year. Businesses require an increasing number of personnel to watch and analyze videos. Video analytics is an excellent substitute for human labor. 

The following are the most common objectives of intelligent video analytics: 

  • Image enhancement: Using noise reduction (denoising), blurring removal (deblurring), ISR (Image Super-Resolution), and other technologies, intelligent video analytics can increase image quality. 
  • Motion detection: Intelligent video analytics can recognize the onset and end of an object's movement inside a scene. 
  • Facial Recognition: The most popular functionalities employed in all modern security systems based on intelligent video monitoring are facial recognition and identity verification. 
  • Recognizing aimless activity (Loitering): Intelligent video analytics use adaptable algorithms to detect loitering behavior. Loitering may be an indication of illegal intent. 
  • Missing or abandoned object detection: Intelligent video analytics track all the objects that are or appear in the room (street) and alert if anything strange is happening. 
  • Closed area monitoring: Intelligent video analytics detects and alerts when someone enters a restricted zone. 
  • License plate recognition: Intelligence video analytics reads car registration plates using optical character recognition on images to gather vehicle position information. 

Applications of Intelligent Video Analytics 

Intelligent video analytics software is widely used in public and private sectors, including government, retail, transportation, and finance. Ideally, these programs protect people and assets from harm and destruction before an incident occurs. Let us investigate the detail. 

“According to the Artificial Intelligence Global Surveillance Index, at least 75 of the world's 176 countries actively employ AI-based surveillance technology.” 


Historically, hospitals have spent a lot of money on video surveillance systems to safeguard the safety of their patients, employees, and visitors. 

Intelligent Video analytics makes monitoring more manageable and allows us to go further by utilizing the data acquired to meet business objectives. Patient and visitor traffic analysis can be instrumental in identifying how to reduce wait times while maintaining clear access to the emergency room. 

  • At-home monitoring of older adults or people is another use that gives tremendous value to health difficulties. Falls, for example, are a leading cause of injury and mortality among the elderly. AI video analytics solutions can evaluate the signals from home cameras to detect in real-time if a person has fallen. With correct configuration, such a system may also assess whether a person took a prescribed medication on time. 
  • Mental healthcare is another area where intelligent video analytics can make a huge difference. To help doctors evaluate patients, systems that analyze facial expressions, body posture, and gaze can be devised. A device like this can detect emotions through body language and micro-expressions, providing therapists with objective evidence that can corroborate or provide fresh hints. 

Transportation / Smart Cities

Intelligent Video analytics has shown to be a massive help in the transportation sector, assisting in the development of smart cities. 

AI Video Analytics in traffic analysis can dynamically change traffic signal control systems and monitor traffic congestion. It can also help detect harmful circumstances in real-time, such as a car stopped in an unauthorized area of the highway, someone driving in the wrong direction, or a vehicle traveling recklessly. 

  • Vehicle counting, or distinguishing between automobiles, trucks, buses, taxis, and so on, generates high-value statistics that can be utilized to gain traffic insights. Installing speed cameras enables the precise management of many drivers. 
  • Instead of installing sensors in each parking place, a smart parking system based on AI video analytics assists vehicles in finding a vacant spot by analyzing images from security cameras. 


The application of machine learning, particularly video analytics, in the retail sector has been one of the most significant technology trends in recent years. Modern algorithms can recognize faces and determine essential attributes such as gender and age. 

These algorithms can also follow a customer's path through a business and evaluate navigational routes to determine walking patterns. With gaze detection, businesses can determine how long a customer looks at a particular product and answer a critical question: where should things be placed to maximize sales and improve customer experience? 

  • Intelligent Video Analytics is also helpful for creating anti-theft systems. For example, face recognition algorithms can detect known shoplifters or detect a person hiding an item in their backpack in real-time. 


Video surveillance is a long-standing security task. However, much water had passed under the bridge between the time systems were solely watched by humans and current solutions based on video analytics. 

  • Face and License Plate Recognition (LPR) algorithms can be utilized in real-time to identify persons and automobiles and make suitable judgments. For example, searching for a suspect in real-time and recorded video footage is feasible, or identifying authorized employees and allowing entry to a secure site is feasible. 
  • Crowd management is another vital role of security systems. Intelligent video analytic capabilities can make a tremendous difference in retail malls, hospitals, stadiums, and airports. These systems can provide a real-time estimated crowd count and send notifications when a threshold is achieved or exceeded. They can also evaluate crowd flow to detect unwanted or banned movement. 


Airports, one of the busiest sites in most cities, is poised to profit from intelligent video analytics. The system's analytics can easily spot aberrant behavior and suspicious individuals by adding AI to video monitoring. 

Since airports now feature retail outlets to improve customer experience, these retailers can strategically use critical data to put their digital signs and promotions. 

Intelligent video analytics can also provide helpful insight for airport management, allowing them to use the data acquired as a reference for rent calculation, design layout, and positioning of facilities and shops to improve customer experience and maximize profit. 


Banks face ongoing risks from fraud, robbery, and vandalism. The greater the network of ATMs and offices and the accessibility of the bank's services, the more critical circumstances develop and the more difficult it is to prevent them. 

Intelligent video analytics can detect potentially dangerous situations and raise alerts in real-time. In banks, AI video analytics is used to count visitors and identify new clients, as well as for: 

  • Keeping the operating room and conference areas secure. 
  • Providing security in self-service and ATM environments. 
  • Protecting in the workplace for bank staff and clerks. 
  • Preventing robbers and intruders from entering the bank. 
  • Informing security officers of blocked scammers and other undesirable individuals. 
  • Preventing Terrorist acts (detection of abandoned objects). 
  • Preventing vandalism that causes ATM damage. 

With AI as the clear future of digital technology, firms and individuals must prepare to adapt and apply AI, considering the possibility of AI generating more substantial businesses and a better world. 

Advantages of Intelligent Video Analytics 

AI Video Analytics has several advantages, ranging from the reduced effect on computing resources to increased efficiency and accuracy. It is also crucial as it is a customizable feature, and each business may tailor it to its specific operational and security requirements. 

“The global video analytics market was valued at $4,102.0 million in 2019 and is expected to reach $21,778.0 million by 2027, growing at a 22.7% CAGR between 2020 and 2027”. 

Hassle-free Operation 

Intelligent video analytics is a critical component of any surveillance system. It also serves as a simple technique for monitoring the system. This is because every element of the footage is recorded. Because it analyses the recorded footage based on the pixels of the image, video analytics serves as an all-time surveillance system. The data set is instantly uploaded to the cloud system, ensuring maximum data security. 

Face Recognition 

Face recognition is one of the advanced cloud surveillance system's distinguishing qualities. The digital image displayed in the footage can be used to identify the specific facial features. 

It can be an essential piece of information in the investigation of any criminal case. You can learn much about the people in the video and identify the suspected offender. 

High-end Monitoring 

One of the cloud surveillance system's overlooked benefits is remote recording. It can capture video from a long distance. It is exceptionally feasible if you have a robust network connection. 

AI-Based Technology Records 

The rise of artificial intelligence has revolutionized recording technology. This technology accurately detects human or animal objects in video footage. It is also beneficial to have a clear vision of the face. It also aids in determining the gender of the individual in the footage. 

Affordable option 

Using intelligent video analytics is a cost-effective alternative. You may think using an advanced monitoring system will cost you a lot. This, however, is not the case. The installation fees are low because the cloud-based security system requires less equipment. 

It also provides users with long-term service because the relevant data is stored directly on the cloud. You can also access the archive to obtain data and watch live footage. 


Intelligent Video analytics assist us with our daily chores. This technology can significantly help a wide range of industries as the complexity of potential applications has increased in recent years. 

Video analytics enables operations that are both more effective and less tedious for humans and less expensive for businesses, from smart cities to security controls in hospitals and airports to people tracking in retail and shopping centers. 

We hope you found this article informative and now have a better grasp of what intelligent video analytics is, how it works, and how you can use it in your company to automate processes and acquire valuable insights to make better decisions.

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