Artificial Intelligence

First Bridge is an
R&D company with
AI expertise
offers consulting and
development services.

Leveraging our experience with creating AI-powered solutions in Marketing, Logistics, Retail, and Finance industries, we provide our clients with a well-crafted roadmap that enables time and resources-efficient path tailored to their needs.

Given the diversity of AI solutions available in the market, we believe that Consulting Services are instrumental in achieving success, whether one is considering ChatGPT integration or seeking the most hardware-efficient application to process Big Data on Scale.


We provide comprehensive AI consulting services for businesses at any Implementation Stage. We assess the feasibility and potential implications of incorporating AI-driven technologies, and deliver an optimal implementation strategy.
Implementation Stages:
Client’s quote
First Bridge’s team demonstrated a meticulous approach in analyzing our business ideas, combining available market solutions with proprietary technologies to help us develop a distinctive social listening tool. The resulting tool generates synthetic data sets and delivers a fully customizable AI experience for the MarTech industry.
It’s a core process of creating a distinctive technical value proposition for your product. Our analytics department and R&D team formulate and refine ideas to provided a tailored approach to address your specific business needs.
Market research
Technical investigation
Technical vision
Product specification

Case Study

We've created a non-profit AI-powered website to fight fake news about war in Ukraine.
Proof of concept
Considering your priorities, we thoroughly review available market AI solutions and methodologies to identify the optimal tech stack for your product. Following this, our engineering team formulates a concept model to validate and subsequently develop an MVP that aligns with your allocated resources and timeline.
Picking the optimal tech stack
Tech concept modelling
MVP development
Client’s quote
The implementation of AI-driven AML into our fraud prevention module decreased our false-positive transactions by ~80%.

Market Insight

Nearly 70% of IoT and implicitly IIoT initiatives fail at the Proof of Concept (PoC) stage, according to a recent study by Cisco.
Our goal is to help existing businesses to take the next step towards sustainable growth. We focus on critical issues such as data and user overflow, system efficiency, and resilience to ensure your product can meet the demand of a larger audience.
Big data and analytics
Technologies of scale
On scale launch and support
Client’s quote
Thanks to First Bridge’s comprehensive approach, we were able to implement loading management automation that reduced our goods loading time by an impressive 15%.

Market Insight

As Gartner reports, only 53% of AI projects go from prototypes to production.