Fintech and DeFi

First Bridge specializes in
developing fintech solutions
that can both bring value to
the final users and achieve
sustainable growth.

As the financial sector is undergoing the major disruption caused by innovative startups, long-established companies are forced to leverage the latest technological advancements to gain competitive advantage.


Payment processing


First Bridge specializes in developing bespoke payment processing solutions used by all ecosystem participants, including merchants, issuers, acquirers, and payment gateways. We also work with established companies to optimize their payment processing units by building a modern architecture and implementing new technologies.

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Digital Wallets


We help companies to develop secure and reliable digital payment options to optimize routine financial life. The developed solutions can be used to exchange funds, pay on the go, move money between various wallets, and so on.

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Cross-border payments


First Birdge’s in-depth knowledge of the traditional financial sector and blockchain technology allows us to build disruptive solutions for cross-border payments that can be settled within minutes.

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