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First Bridge is constantly
looking for innovations.

The formed IP portfolio is of great importance in the development of the company's own technological products, as well as in the formation of client offers with full or partial use of our IPs. Today First Bridge is forming a holding company which owns a list of IPs for advanced technologies.

Payment Gateway


We have developed a payment gateway, which is the foundation of the payment platform. It is a comprehensive solution designed to process all types of cashless payments for goods and services in any field of activity. The gateway’s core is complete and can already work with several banks and other gateways, perform payments through them, store clients’ data and card tokens, and track payments in the administration panel. The aim was to create a flexible product that will smoothly scale without compromising the platform's efficiency. This solution is designed to meet modern security standards of payment systems, as well as to provide mobility in the management of internal organizational processes.

A detailed presentation on the payment gateway is available upon request.

Automated Control System


First Bridge is developing an automated control system that tracks the movement of products from the manufacturer to the end-user. The system is based on a unique barcode solution that provides the possibility to track products on all stages of the logistic process, identify sender and receiver, and decrease the number of counterfeit products. The system uses a unique approach to identify original and counterfeit products using a proprietary mathematical algorithm. The automated control system can operate as a standalone solution or can be connected to the existing one to improve functionality.

A detailed document on the automated control system is available upon request.

Employee Tracking Solution


First Bridge has developed a technological concept of a software solution that monitors employee’s work time. The main task of the solution is to automatically recognize employees by several biometric features. The goal of the product is to effectively identify employees of the company, decrease the amount of wasted time during working hours, and increase operations effectiveness in companies. This solution is a set of different technological approaches from basic RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to sophisticated neural network.

A detailed document on the employee tracking solution is available upon request.

iFS system


IFS system is a high-performance financial platform based on the distributed ledger technology that can utilise either blockchain or Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) deepening on the application. The ecosystem of the IFS system is oriented on both the corporate sector and regular users, as people will have an opportunity to perform P2P payments in a few taps using just a smartphone. The ecosystem is built on three products: IFSTransfer, IFSSettle and IFSGateway. Each product carries a unique function that creates a value to the system.

IFSTransfer is a tool for performing financial transactions using the IFS stablecoin, which provides the highest speed, minimum transaction fees, and elimination of losses during double conversions.

IFSSettle is a tool for banking systems that provides quick exchange of financial information, which is an alternative to the SWIFT system.

IFSGateway is a tool that provides access to services and goods with an ability to pay in IFS stablecoin and fiat.

A whitepaper about the IFS system is available after signing an NDA.

Binocular Vision


Binocular Vision AI

Аchieves binocular visualisation of video data with a stereo image output for two displays (one for each eye) by splitting the spatial landscape into two streams: left/main and right/main. The following embedded AI functions are then applied to categorise, index and recognise 3D shapes:


3D synthesis

of the AI-assisted analysis of dynamic objects based on a pre-determined information “skeleton”.


3D dynamic

learning irrespective of an object’s angle, shift or scale.


Recognition of 3D shapes

on a Cartesian plane without resorting to complex transformations.

More information about our Binocular Vision solution is available after signing an NDA.