How we do it

First Bridge is
a company with
deep technological expertise
that is willing to bring the
most ambitious ideas to life.

We also assist companies with marketing, business development and other business activities.

Our Process

IT Audit

IT Audit is a stage that can happen on any phase of project lifecycle from concept development to final implementation, where First Bridge conducts necessary activities namely studying the project or testing for resistance to attacks to make sure the most optimal approach is maintained throughout the development process and as well as the presence of all necessary security measures that can guarantee the stable development of the project.


We position Research as an autonomous phase that has a logical correlation with the development stage throughout the project’s lifecycle having a high degree of importance at all stages of implementation. High-quality research determines how comprehensive, safe and innovative the product will be when it enters the market. First Bridge uses this tool both for the development of its own products and in the process of finding technologies that are relevant and in-demand by potential and current customers.

Development with or without our Intellectual Property

Given the formed portfolio of technologies and the process of continuous replenishment, First Bridge creates a unique opportunity for the client to develop the project with our IPs if applicable. On this stage, we analyze if the client’s project will acquire unique advantages from our IPs or it should be developed separately on its technological base.

MVP on the market

The definition of the minimum viable product scope occurs at the initial stage of the project design. The purpose of this process is to launch a version of the product with minimal functionality on the market in order to further optimize the development of the project and form the primary user base. The main task is to collect feedback from the market participants, both for business and technological adjustments. Furthermore, at this stage, we can identify security vulnerabilities and approach them.

Added Value

After the MVP is launched on the market and the necessary information is collected, there is a need for the formation of an added value for the project. This is a process of strengthening market positions in various directions, where the main task is to form a comprehensive market proposition. This process might include technological consultations to update the project concept to build a better unique selling proposition, which could potentially lead to an increase in financial performance. Furthermore, we provide marketing support namely comprehensive project packaging, market research, and business development in order to attract additional funding.

Launch and post launch support

The final stage of all of the above processes is a full-scale release of the product, with a comprehensive presentation to the end customer. At this stage, the project already has a unique technological concept with the possibility of further scaling, a clearly formed marketing strategy, business networking and the optimal supply of financial resources necessary until the next round of investments or prior to the start of making a profit. After finishing this stage First Bridge provides clients with various support including technical, marketing, business development, and others.