Stand with Ukraine!
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Learn how we have adapted to the war and continue to grow
  • Then

    First Bridge, since its creation, was a pro-remote company. Before COVID-19, around 50% of our engineers worked remotely across all parts of Ukraine. Once the pandemic started – we transitioned to fully remote work, following the full transition of our operations to fit full remote work.

    During the first week after russia started a full-scale war in Ukraine, we created an emergency plan to continue our operations. We supported our employees while they were relocating to other counties or safer regions of Ukraine. We are supporting our employees who decided to take arms to protect their country on the battlefield.

  • Now

    Currently, we're a team of ~100 people working from Ukraine and Europe. Those who decided to stay in Ukraine moved to safer cities with access to autonomous energy sources in case of blackouts.

  • Our Fight Against Propaganda

    As the war unfolded on the battlefronts, we witnessed how russian propaganda was influencing global media outlets, and many Ukrainian and other journalists began fighting against russian fakes in these counties. That's when we decided that we had to do something to help fight fake news.

    This evolved into our team creating FakeVision – an AI-powered website that allows checking news submitted by users and provides an evaluation of the trustworthiness of these articles.

    We at First Bridge believe in justice, freedom, and the spirit of the Ukrainian people. Please support Ukraine and its people in this meaningless war. Our president created a fundraising platform UNITED24, that is designed for collaboration with charities, partners, donors, and public figures worldwide.

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    Glory to Ukraine! 💛💙