Apollo Cryptocurrency


2017 - ongoing


15+ team members

Tools & technologies


Our role

To develop an innovative cryptocurrency with extensive functionality and predefined possibility to form a comprehensive fintech ecosystem.

The solution

First Bridge is in the process of developing Apollo - one of the most technologically advanced blockchain projects on the market. First Bridge has implemented and supports all project’s services including website, dashboard, mobile application, and all the features of blockchain. We’ve developed several bespoke features such as Updater that gives a possibility to update the blockchain without fork, which leads to absolute integrity of the blockchain. Apollo is the first blockchain project that has successfully released database sharding technology on the mainnet. Several big blockchain projects, including Ethereum, are trying to achieve sharding, but haven’t developed it yet. Also, Apollo is one of the first projects on the market to develop a decentralized exchange with atomic swap, which is available for all users from the Apollo Wallet interface. Furthermore, Apollo is moving to become a full-scale Fintech project with remittance service that uses blockchain technology for almost instant transfer of money.



Part of the project was to develop a website that gives current users and potential investors full information about the project. It includes various communication/support features.


Also referred to as web wallet or desktop wallet, the Dashboard is a place where users can manage their assets and use the built-in decentralized exchange. Available for Windows, MacOS, Linux.

Mobile Application

The mobile application has the same functions as the Dashboard and is available for download for mobile devices from both the AppStore and Google Play.

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