6 months


5+ team members

Tools & technologies


Our role

Developed a platform to present usersโ€™ timepieces collection, as well as buy and sell them.

The solution

AWX is an online platform for timepiece collectors in UAE and other countries. It allows collectors to create their own watches collections and show them to other AWX users. The platform can help each collector to find out the value of his watch for free online and sell it for the best price possible. Online watch evaluation is based on parsing the average cost of watches from global third-party resources AWX platform also allows collectors to make an appraisal with expert specialists.

Itโ€™s just needed to book a physical appraisal in real shops of AWX partners. Each user can expand his collection by finding needed luxury watches in the AWX marketplace and buy it. Also, collectors can connect with each other via the special section of the platform. Users are able to discover collectors in needed locations by watches brand, view upcoming events, hold discussions, and share images, further discuss watches, meet up and more via Private Messaging.

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