Client’s quote
“First Bridge’s team demonstrated a meticulous approach in analyzing our business ideas, combining available market solutions with proprietary technologies to help us develop a distinctive marketing intelligence tool. The resulting tool generates synthetic data sets and delivers a fully customizable AI experience for the MarkTech industry.”
Eugene, Founder


BrandVision is a SaaS social listing tool that allows companies to use tailor-made AI models to evaluate any data sets and gain valuable insights. BrandVision allows customers to easily train the AI algorithm and run an unbiased search over various platforms such as YouTube, Google, Instagram, etc. The software aims to provide users with accurate and relevant data from sources, rather than sampled information based on historic results.


The founder of BrandVision envisioned developing an AI-driven marketing intelligence tool that offered a versatile approach to incorporating various social media platforms and types of analyzed content. The tool should deliver impartial, real-time insights. They sought a team capable of shaping the final product and handling the entire range of technical implementation.

BrandVision Onboarding & Results Overview

  • BrandVision Input process
    AI search is the first step to creating the custom data set. Users need to input text characteristics of their search in the form of keywords and key phrases to set boundaries and personalize it.
  • BrandVision Input process
    After finalizing all the inputs, the system initiates the process of gathering relevant real-time data and presents it in a readable format. The results page shows where the logo or product was featured, including stop screens from YouTube, images from Instagram, and relevant text in Google search results that are based on open sources. All outputs undergo semantic analysis, enabling users to draw informed conclusions from each specific result.

Final results

  • Real-time analysis of logos and objects in any online video
  • Tailored AI model for each client with continuous calibration
  • Instantaneous semantic text analysis
  • Unbiased targeted search
  • Insights are based real-time data
BrandVision Result screenshot