Quadrobit aims to improve the general experience with smart home making them efficient and affordable.



Quadrobit Smart home


12 months


15+ team members

Tools & technologies


Our role

Develop both hardware and software systems for a Smart Home that is both highly secure and energy efficient, all with a comfortable UX.

The solution

Our team has developed a Smart Home ecosystem that brings safety, efficiency and comfort to the user. The Smart Home monitors energy consumption and heating use, allowing users to save significantly on utility costs. It also helps users make payments on time. For Smart Home, we have developed the all-in-one application that can manage several objects - house, apartment, office.

Smart Home’s ecosystem includes: IP cameras which sync recordings with a secure cloud server, water leakage sensors, smoke and CO2 sensors, door and window opening sensors, air-conditioning, heating control and much more. Quadrobit Smart Home is entirely manufactured and packed in China, so the user gets a ready solution with just one order.



Smart Home HUB

The QADROOBASE HUB is the master device in the home automation system management. The HUB has a direct WI-FI connection to the cloud. where the collected data from the sensors are proceeded and pre-programmed scenarios are applied.


MeteoStation Sensor

Meteo station QB METEO constantly monitors the air temperature humidity, ambient pressure and the level of illumination in your home and office.


Interal IP Camera

P2P IP Camera with a wide viewing angle for indoor video surveillance. It transmith a high-quality video stream, which can be stored on SD Card or Quadrobit cloud. The camera has a dual audio channel, so it allows to talk to those in the room using speakers and microphone.

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