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Our role

Oversaw the development of a secure biometric passport system for Ukraine.

The solution

The development of biometric passports was one of the requirements for Ukraine’s entry into the European Union. The purpose was to give Ukrainians the possibility to transit EU Member States without the need for visas. Our CTO, Sergey Rokhvarg, was responsible for the entire project’s development process.

The Ukrainian government did not provide us with a clear roadmap for the project, meaning that the entire scope, from planning and research to development and implementation, fell to First Bridge. After investigating existing solutions and partners, we determined there was a clear lack of holistic solutions in the market. So we decided to proceed relying on our own internal resources and assembled an in-house team of IT and legal specialists. The result is a fully integrated biometric passport system in Ukraine that offers not just secure biometrics for “visa-free” border crossings but also a wide range of database solutions that are made available to various government agencies and departments.

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