Client’s quote
“The results produced by First Bridge were outstanding and they exceeded our expectations at every turn. The project management was handled diligently and all software modules were delivered on time. They went above and beyond the agreed scope of work by producing advisory on topics we needed clarification on.”
Sam Speaight, CEO & Founder


VRJAM is a real-time platform for virtual events and immersive content creation. The VRJAM Platform empowers brands and creators to easily activate authentic brand experiences and live events that form deep and meaningful consumer relationships inside the metaverse.


VRJAM is a team of world-class specialists from music and entertainment industry that has developed a virtual world using Unity for immersive experience. They needed experts in the Web3 technology that would act as an extension to their team to fully tokenize user's experience and set up a comprehensive server infrastructure that would seamlessly integrate Web3 data into the game world.

  • User dashboard that is connected to crypto wallet using Metamask or Venly that shows all main features of the web application, including crypto wallet balance in platform’s token, main avatar, upcoming events, and the most recent items from the marketplace.
  • Avatars creation module that is integrated with ReadyPlayerMe solution. It allows users to build avatars used in the virtual world and content creators have a possibility to mint them as NFTs.
  • NFT marketplace that is used to sell any NFTs of the project
  • Avatar gallery with all created, minted, and purchased avatars
  • List of all venues where events take palace with a possibility to initiate a voting for the creation of a new venue and crowdfund it’s development. Events pages with a possibility to register to the event
  • Admin dashboard to operate the platform with a possibility to mint venues, create votings for next venues, user management, etc.
  • Creator dashboard access to which is granted by admin through the admin dashboard. It is used to create new events on the platform through an on-page editor, mint avatar NFTs, and mint recording of the events.

    Final results

  • Web3-based infrastructure
  • Marketplace
  • Tokenized Venues
  • Tokenized Avatars
  • Community voting for new venues