Consulting Services

First Bridge consults
companies on ways to
create a
tech-driven strategy
improves operations and
optimizes a software

Our goal is to transform a client's business and make it 100% digital, by creating and executing the planned IT strategy.

It Audit

We specialise in implementing independent IT audits required by companies to provide assurances to stakeholders that adequate measures have been designed and are operating to minimise exposure to IT risks. An IT audit may be relevant at any stage of a project, from concept development right up to the market introduction of an IT solution. First Bridge can audit any technological implementation whether it is a basic smart contract or a sophisticated global remittance project.

First Bridge’s IT Audit services help organisations better understand the key risks associated with the technologies they use and assist in the development of internal controls and systems to mitigate any such identified risks. In addition to improving risk management, First Bridge’s IT Audit service also enables clients to achieve their IT goals and objectives through a detailed examination and evaluation of their IT infrastructure, policies and operations.

Our IT Audit process




Defining audit scope and objectives


Evidence collection and evaluation


Our goal is to help enterprises to make a step forward into the high-tech world. We assist in transition from an outdated IT architecture to a cloud-based infrastructure that allows to implement and support new technologies — to bring a business to a new level.

Daniel Korogodski, Managing Partner.

Added Value



Our goal is to guide our clients through all business processes related to technology whilst accounting for the numerous complexities of the global IT market. We can assist with all stages of the business cycle from early-stage start-ups to complex projects at more developed businesses with long operating histories.


Marketing and branding

Businesses should consider what is important to the target market and how the product or service will benefit clients. With nearly 20 years of experience, we are able to undertake large-scale branding and marketing projects across different fields, including FinTech and other innovations. The team’s long list of successfully executed projects includes advising the National Bank of Poland, the Moscow Exchange, Nest Bank, the Medicover IPO, to name a few.